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BlackBerry AtHoc

Enterprise Administrators, Organization Administrators, and System Administrators can grant operator permissions to any user who needs access to the
BlackBerry AtHoc
management system. Granting operator permissions includes selecting which roles the user has when they are logged in, as well as setting any restrictions. Roles are additive: you can assign multiple roles and they build on one another, such as End Users Manager and Advanced Alert Publisher.
Administrators cannot assign or revoke higher level operator permissions than their own permissions. For example, an Organization Administrator can revoke or grant Organization Administrator permissions to another operator, but cannot grant Enterprise Administrator or System Administrator permissions.
The role that a user is assigned to determines what
BlackBerry AtHoc
features they can access. Roles that are associated with specific features in
BlackBerry AtHoc
can only be assigned to users when that feature is enabled for that user's organization. The features in the following table are restricted to specific roles.
  • Accountability Manager
  • Accountability Officer
Activity Log
  • Activity Log Manager
  • Activity Log Viewer
Connect is enabled and the Connect Agreement Manager role becomes available when organizations are connected.
Connect Agreement Manager
Situation Response
  • Plan Manager
  • Plan Incident Manager
Collaboration Manager
The following sections describe the roles that are available in
BlackBerry AtHoc
For more information, see the .