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Managing apps on the app list

The app list contains apps that you can assign to users, user groups, and device groups. Apps assigned to users by a
Microsoft Intune
app protection profile don't appear in the app list.
In the app list,
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps have a lock icon (a Lock icon). For more information specific to managing
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps, see Managing BlackBerry Dynamics apps.
From the app list, you can click an app to understand the status of apps and app groups assigned to user accounts.
You can manage apps in the apps list from the
Tab or column name
Customize the app list view.
  • To change the columns that you want displayed, click The Menu icon at the top right and select the columns.
  • To rearrange the columns, you can drag the column headers to position them.
Filter the app list.
You can filter the app list from the left pane. Each category includes only filters that display results and each filter indicates the number of results that display when you apply it.
  • If multiple selection is turned on, select the filters that you want and click
  • If multiple selection is turned off, you apply filters one at a time cumulatively.
  • On the right pane, above the results, you can click The Remove icon for each filter that you want to remove or click
    Clear all
    to display all devices.
View app assignments and installation status.
  1. Click an app that you want to view the assignments or installation status for.
  2. In the
    Assigned to x users
    tab, you can see the following information:
    • The
      column displays the date and time of the last feedback received from Android apps. The feedback that
      receives depends on the app and may include information feedback or as the result of an error (The Warning icon).
    • The
      column displays the username that the app is assigned to.
    • The
      column displays the name of the device that the app is assigned to.
    • The
      column displays whether the app was assigned directly to the user account, user group, or device group.
    • The
      column displays whether an app is installed on a device.
  3. In the
    Assigned to x groups
    tab you can see the user groups that the app was assigned to and the associated number of users.
If you want to remove app assignments, you can select the assignments and click The Remove from user icon or The Remove from user group icon.
Status column
This column displays whether an app is installed on a device. The possible statuses are:
  • Installed
    : The app is installed on the user's device. For
    devices with the
    User privacy
    activation type, this status indicates only that installation was initiated.
    BlackBerry UEM
    can't confirm if the app remains installed on the device.
  • Not installed
    : The app has not been installed on the user's device or has been removed from the user's device. Cannot be installed: The app is not supported on the user's device.
  • Not supported
    : The device's OS does not support this app.
Unconfirmed installations include installations on
devices with the
User privacy
activation type because
can't confirm if the app is still installed on the device.