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BlackBerry Dynamics
app settings

Add internal app source file
This setting specifies the location of the internal app source file for the public store app.
To add internal app source files, see Upload BlackBerry Dynamics app source files.
package name
This setting specifies the package ID for the app.
App name
This setting specifies the name of the app that appears on the app list.
This setting specifies the vendor of the app.
App description
This setting specifies the app description.
This setting specifies a category to filter apps in the app list by category and to organize the apps into categories in the work apps list on users' devices. You can select a category or type a name to create a new category.
Send to
This setting specifies whether the app is sent to all
devices, only
Android Enterprise
devices, or only
Samsung Knox Workspace
Restricted versions
This setting specifies versions of the app that you want to prevent users from installing on their devices. If you add multiple versions, separate each version with a comma.