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Customize the layout for symbols

You can create a customized layout to show the numbers, symbols, and emojis that you use most frequently.
  1. Swipe down from the top of the screen once using two fingers, or twice using one finger.
  2. Tap The settings icon >
    Language & input
  3. Tap
    BlackBerry Keyboard Settings
    Keyboard Settings
    BlackBerry Keyboard Settings
  4. Tap
    Symbol layout customization
  5. Turn on the
    Use a customized layout for symbol keys
    switch. If your device has both a touch screen keyboard and a physical keyboard, you can turn on the switch for each keyboard.
  6. Tap
    Customize layout
  7. To start with a template, in the upper-right corner of the screen, tap The more actions icon. Tap an option.
  8. Tap a symbol. In the layout at the bottom of the screen, tap the spot where you want the symbol to appear.
    • To see more symbols, at the top of the screen, tap a category. To see more categories, swipe to the left.
    • To add a symbol using a Unicode value, tap the
      category. Tap The add icon. Type a value. Tap
    • To swap two symbols in the custom layout, tap a symbol. Tap the symbol that you want to swap it with.
  9. When you finish adding symbols to the layout, tap The back icon.
To show your customized layout first when you press the
key (or the
key on the physical keyboard), turn on the
Custom layout first