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View user details

You must be an End Users Manager to view detailed information about users in the
BlackBerry AtHoc
system, including contact address, memberships, login information, and location information. If you are an End Users Manager, Organization Administrator, or Enterprise Administrator you can view users' details when logged in to a super enterprise or enterprise organization.
  1. In the navigation bar, click
  2. Optionally, if you are logged in to a super enterprise or enterprise organization, click the name of an organization in the
    column to view the user's organization hierarchy.
  3. On the
    screen, click a user name.
    The detail screen for the user appears. The details screen displays the following information about the user:
    • Basic information including:
      • Username
      • Display name
      • First and last name
      • Date the user was created
      • Sponsor (if dependents are enabled.) If the user is a dependent, their sponsor's Display Name is displayed. If the user is a sponsor, the Sponsor field displays their Display Name with (Self).
    • Numbers
    • Online addresses
    • Physical addresses. Displays the time the user's location was last updated. To view the user's location on a map, click The Globe icon.
    • Last Known Location. Populates with location information from a check-in, check-out, alert response, report, emergency, or tracking from the
      BlackBerry AtHoc
      mobile app. Click The Globe icon to view the user's last known location on a map. Click
      to remove the last known location. The last known location cannot be edited from the
      BlackBerry AtHoc
      management system or Self Service.
    • Distribution list membership
    • Password
    • Organization subscriptions
    • Permissions
    • Login and location
    • BlackBerry AtHoc
      Apps: Shows whether the user is active on the
      BlackBerry AtHoc
      desktop app or mobile app. If the user is logged in, the number of instances they are logged in to on each app is displayed. If the user is not logged in, the field displays the phrase
      Not Available
    • User activity, including:
      • Self Service last sign-on, profile updated, and device information updated dates
      • User move information including date the user was moved, who moved the user, and what organization the user was moved from
    • Any user attributes defined by administrators