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Import dependent users

To import dependent users, include the username of the sponsor in a Sponsor column in the import CSV file.
The following conditions apply to importing dependent users with a CSV file:
  • The dependents feature must be enabled for your organization.
  • The username of the sponsor must already exist in the
    BlackBerry AtHoc
    system before attempting the import.
  • You cannot import a user as a dependent if they are already in the system as a sponsor.
  • Dependents can only be imported into the organization of their sponsor.
  • Dependents must have unique usernames in the
    BlackBerry AtHoc
  • If partial user import is enabled and there is an error in the sponsor user row, the dependent user is imported as a standalone user, not as a dependent of the sponsor.
  • You can change the sponsor of a dependent to another sponsor in the
    BlackBerry AtHoc
  • You can change a sponsor user into a dependent user by setting their sponsor attribute to the username of another sponsor user.
  • You cannot import both the organization attribute and the sponsor attribute in the same file. This prevents a dependent from being created in a different organization than their sponsor.
  • You can import dependent users from the suborganization, enterprise, or super enterprise level.