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Enable single sign-on for the
BlackBerry AtHoc
management system

  1. Log in to the
    BlackBerry AtHoc
    management system as an administrator.
  2. In the navigation bar, click Settings icon.
  3. In the
    section, click
    User Authentication
  4. On the
    User Authentication
    window, in the
    Assign Authentication Methods to Applications
    section, in the
    Management System
    section, select
    Single Sign-On
    from the
    Authentication Method
    list. The Sign In URL field is auto populated with a URL in the following format: <
    . This URL is used when a user attempts to access the
    BlackBerry AtHoc
    management system using SSO authentication.
    If the
    Authentication Method
    list is disabled, SSO is not enabled. For more information, see Enable single sign-on as an authentication method.
  5. Click
  6. On the
    Management system SSO configuration
    window, export SP and IDP settings and then import IDP settings.
    You can also configure the IDP and SP settings manually. For more information, see Configure identity provider settings and Configure service provider settings.
  7. Click
  8. Click