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Automatically disable users based on attributes

In organizations where changes to the user base occur frequently, it is often more efficient to automatically disable users based on one or more user attributes. This helps ensure the user base is kept current and database performance is maximized by reducing the number of active users.
Users can be disabled automatically based on attributes on standalone organizations, enterprise organizations and their suborganizations, and across enterprises and their suborganizations in a super enterprise organization.
For instructions on how to disable users directly from the Users list, see Disable users.
  • Automatically disabling sponsors also disables their associated dependents users.
  • Users who have the "Do Not Disable" option selected in their user profile cannot be automatically disabled.
  1. In the navigation bar, click The Settings icon.
  2. In the
    section, click
    Disable and Delete Users
  3. On the
    Disable and Delete Users
    screen, in the
    Disable Users
    section, select the AND/OR operator. When AND is selected, users must meet all conditions to be added. When OR is selected, users that match any of the conditions are added. The default is AND.
  4. Click the
    Select Attribute
    drop-down list and select the first attribute to use to identify users to be disabled.
  5. When you make a selection in the
    Select Attribute
    drop-down list, the
    Select Operation
    drop-down list appears. Select an option from the list.
  6. In the field that appears to the right of the
    Select Operation
    field, enter or select a value.
    For Multi-select Picklist, Single-select Picklist, and Status type attributes, enter characters in the search box to filter the list of attribute values. You can enter characters that appear anywhere in the attribute value.
  7. Optionally, to add another condition to the list of criteria that must be met for a user to be disabled, click
    Add Condition
    and then repeat steps 3 through 6.
  8. Select
    Disable users automatically every 7 day(s)
    to enable a database job that disables users every week.
    If you do not select this option, you must navigate to this screen and click
    Disable Now
    each time you want to disable users.
  9. Optionally, click
    to see the number of users that will be impacted by the criteria you set.
  10. Optionally, consult the
    Last Run
    field to see the date and time the most recent disable action was performed.
  11. Optionally, click
    Download Log
    in the
    Last Run Result
    field to download a list of users who were disabled during the last disable action.
  12. Click
  13. Optionally, click
    Disable Now
    if you want to disable the list of users immediately.