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Self Service

  1. In the navigation bar, click The Settings icon.
  2. In the
    section, click
    User Authentication
  3. On the
    User Authentication
    screen, in the
    Assign Authentication Methods to Applications
    section, select one of the following authentication methods for Self Service from the
    Authentication Method
    • Smart Card
      : This option enables smart card authentication. Select the number of client certificates to collect. The recommended value is 3.
    • Username and Password
      : This option requires users to sign in to Self Service using their
      BlackBerry AtHoc
      username and password.
    • Windows Authentication
      : This option configures Self Service to use only the Windows username or to use both the Windows username and the domain.
    • SSO Single Sign-On (SSO)
      : This option enables the use of an external URL for single sign-on. For more information, see Enable single sign-on as an authentication method.
  4. Optionally, if you selected
    Single Sign-On
    as the authentication method, select
    Username and Password
    from the
    Alternative Authentication Method
    list. This option enables both SSO and Username/Password to be used for user authentication.
  5. Optionally, if you selected
    Username and Password
    as the authentication method, select any of the following options:
    • Option to Save Username on User's Computer
    • Self Registration for New Users
      : Select this option to enable new users to self register for Self Service. Click
      Modify Fields
      to select the attributes and personal devices that are used as fields on the Registration screen. On the
      Self Registration fields
      dialog, add or remove fields. The Username and Password fields are included by default and cannot be removed. You can add up to 8 additional fields. If you include an email field, the Use Email as Username option appears.
    • Use Email as Username
      : Select this option to require that users enter an email address when registering for Self Service. This email address is used as their username. Select an email from the
      Select Email Device
      pull-down menu. Only Email fields selected in the Self Registration fields dialog are available for selection.
  6. Click