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Configure the frequency of hardware certificate attestation

  1. In the management console, click 
    Settings > General Settings > Attestation
  2. In the 
    Android hardware attestation frequency
     section, in the 
    Challenge frequency
     drop-down list, specify how often the device must return an attestation response.
  3. In the 
    Device grace period
     drop-down list, specify a grace period.
    If the grace period expires without a successful attestation response, 
    BlackBerry Dynamics
     apps are considered out of compliance and 
     will take the compliance action specified in the user's compliance profile (see Configure compliance actions to take when a device fails security patch compliance and attestation).
  4. In the 
    Challenge frequency for non-compliant devices
     field, specify how often 
     tests the integrity of devices that are not currently in compliance.
  5. Click