Use case: Safe browsing with BlackBerry Dynamics apps Skip Navigation

Use case: Safe browsing with
BlackBerry Dynamics

Adam Williams uses his personal
device for work, as part of a bring-your-own-phone program. Adam receives a phishing email in his
BlackBerry Work
inbox that contains a malicious link. Adam, unaware of the risk posed by the link, clicks it and attempts to open the website.
administrator has enabled and configured safe browsing for
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps on his device. When Adam tries to navigate to the website, the URL is sent in real time to
, which returns an assessment that the URL is unsafe.
carries out the action that has been set by the administrator when a user tries to navigate to an unsafe URL. In this case, Adam receives a warning that the URL is unsafe, with the option to continue now that he is aware of the potential risk.
Adam does not want to expose his device to threats, so he does not access the site and deletes the email from his inbox.