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Use case: Detecting malware on an

Chris Jones uses his personal
device for work purposes as part of a bring-your-own-phone policy. A friend tells Chris about a new game that he should download from a website that offers free apps from independent developers. Chris downloads and installs the app on his device and starts to play the game.
UEM Client
is also installed on Chris’ device. The
CylancePROTECT Mobile
library in the
UEM Client
scans the device, identifies the new app, and sends the .apk files to the
cloud service.
analyses the app files and returns a confidence score to the
UEM Client
. The confidence score indicates that the app is potentially malicious.
Because a malicious app has been detected, the
UEM Client
carries out the compliance action that has been set by Chris’
administrator. Chris receives a device notification that his device is out of compliance, and he can no longer access
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps, such as
BlackBerry Work
BlackBerry Access
After checking with his administrator, Chris uninstalls the game. This returns his device to compliance and allows him to access
BlackBerry Dynamics
apps again.