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Enable and disable features

The Feature Enablement section is for internal use only.
You can enable and disable features at a system, super enterprise, enterprise, or individual organization level. You must be a System Administrator to enable or disable features.
Feature enablement is inherited from parent organizations by default. Feature enablement on a system level is inherited by all organizations in the system. Feature enablement on a super enterprise organization is inherited by its sub enterprise organizations and their suborganizations. Feature enablement on an enterprise organization is inherited by its suborganizations. You can override these inheritance rules by explicitly enabling or disabling a feature on a super enterprise, enterprise, or individual organization.
  1. Log in to the management system as a System Administrator.
  2. In the navigation bar, click The settings icon.
  3. In the
    System Setup
    section, click
    Feature Enablement
    . The Feature Enablement screen opens and displays the features currently available in the system.
    The Organization column displays the organization where the feature is explicitly enabled. The Enabled column displays the current status of the feature, and whether this value is due to inheritance. For example, True in the Enabled column indicates that the feature is enabled in the current organization, while Inherit (True) indicates that the feature is enabled due to inheritance rules.
    If a feature has been explicitly enabled or disabled in the organization you are currently logged in to, the feature row appears in bold.
  4. Click the row for the feature you want to enable or disable.
  5. On the
    Edit Feature Enablement
    window, from the
    list, select
    to enable the feature,
    to disable the feature, or
    . If you select Inherit, the feature status is inherited from the parent organization.
    The Inherit option is not displayed for a system level organization.
  6. Optionally, select the
    Force all children to inherit
    option if you want the feature status you are setting to be inherited by all child organizations, regardless of the feature status set on those child organizations.
    This option is not available for suborganizations.
  7. Click
Some features require additional steps before they are fully disabled. For more information, see Additional steps to disable features.