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Managing user roles for
BlackBerry UEM Self-Service

User roles allow you to specify the capabilities that are available to users in
BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
BlackBerry UEM
includes one preconfigured Default user role. The Default user role is set up to allow all
UEM Self-Service
features, and it is assigned to the "All users" group.
Renaming, deleting, or removing the Default user role from the "All users" group can cause issues with the Work Apps app on
If you want to restrict certain features for users, you can create new user roles or edit an existing user role. You can assign user roles to groups or directly to users.
Only one role is assigned to a user. A role assigned directly to a user account takes precedence over a role assigned indirectly by a user group. If a user is a member of multiple user groups that have different user roles,
assigns the role with the highest ranking.