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Send communications to users

You can send an email, including an email message containing a
BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
password, to one or more users. When you send a password, the passwords are randomly generated and an email message containing a password is sent to each user. In a
on-premises environment, you can configure the email address that the email is sent from in the SMTP server settings.
The users that you send the email message to must have an email address associated with their user account.
  1. In the management console, on the menu bar, click
    Users > Managed devices
  2. Select the check box beside each user that you want to send the message to.
  3. Do one of the following:
    Send an email to users.
    1. Click The Send email icon.
    2. Optionally, to copy the email to yourself or to others, click
      and type one or more email addresses. Separate the addresses with commas or semicolons.
    Send a
    BlackBerry UEM Self-Service
    password to users.
    1. Click The Change console password icon.
    2. Click