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Enable services for a user

BlackBerry UEM
is enabled for one or more services (for example,
BBM Enterprise
, or
Enterprise Identity
) you can enable a service for a user.
  1. In the management console, on the menu bar, click
    Users > All users
  2. Search for and click a user account.
  3. On the user detail page, the available services are listed under the user's name.
  4. If a service is not currently enabled, it is listed with a + icon. Click + to add the service.
  5. Configure the service as required and save.
If you want to remove a service from a user, click The Remove services icon. Click The Remove service icon on the service that you want to remove. Before you can remove MDM controls, you must remove activated devices from the user. Before you can remove the
Enterprise Identity
service, you must remove all
Enterprise Identity
assignments from the user.