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BlackBerry Workspaces Web Application

BlackBerry Workspaces Web Application
 enables you to securely share your files with others, while maintaining full control over who accesses them and how they can work with them. You can store files in workspace folders and collaborate with others, or you can send files securely by email to others, using the 
BlackBerry Workspaces
 mail server. Even after sent files are received, you can continue to maintain control and manage them.
You can control access to your files by defining groups and including users in these groups. For each group, you can set specific access conditions (for example, the ability to copy or print a file), and then assign groups to each file, according to the permissions you want to grant. You can change these assignments at any time, with immediate effect.
Use the powerful search capabilities of 
BlackBerry Workspaces
 to quickly locate, sort, and filter files.
From the Home screen, you are able to view files that are pending read acknowledgement, files that were recently accessed, and files that you have tagged as favorites.
Mobile and desktop alternatives to the 
BlackBerry Workspaces
Web Application
 are also available.
The available features, options, and menu items depend on your organization’s configuration and your user permissions per workspace item. For questions related to your license and access and any of the features described in this guide, consult your organization administrator.