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List of user statuses

The top of the Summary tab contains a list of all of the available statuses for the event and the number of users who currently have each status. It also displays the percentage of overall users who have each status. Note that these statistics are cumulative. They include statuses provided by users from all alerts generated in relation to the event.
  • Hover over the graphical representation of the user status to see a tool tip that displays the number of users with that status. If dependents are enabled in your organization and in the accountability template, the tool tip also displays the number of sponsors and dependents.
  • Click a number or percentage in this field to open the Users tab, which displays only the users who have the status you clicked.
  • Click the arrow next to the percentage value to display a menu with two options:
    • View
      : The same functionality as clicking the number or percentage. Opens the Users tab displaying only the users with the status you clicked.
    • Send Alert
      : Takes you to a details screen for the alert that the event is associated with in the system. The alert is automatically targeted at the users who have the status you clicked on in the Summary screen. Using this alert details screen, you can modify the alert and then resend it to the targeted users.
    If you click
    in the details screen, you are taken to the Sent Alerts screen. The individual alerts in an accountability event are displayed on the Sent Alerts screen, but the aggregated messages for accountability events themselves are not. Click
    All Events
    to return to the list of accountability events.