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Define Accountability Officer messages

After adding Accountability Officers to your accountability template or event, you can create Accountability Officer messages for the event. Use these messages to inform your designated Accountability Officers that an accountability event has started or ended and to report status on behalf of their users.
Out of the box accountability templates include response options in the Initial Message section that Accountability Officers can use to indicate if they are available to update their users' statuses.
  1. In the
    Accountability Officer Messages
    section, the check box for the initial and ending accountability officer messages are selected by default. Deselect the check box if you do not want to send an initial or ending accountability officer message.
  2. Click
    beside either of the messages to change its content. The edit screen that appears contains text-entry fields for the message title and body. If you want to include an event placeholder rather than or in addition to regular text, click The view placeholders icon in the text-entry field and select the placeholder you want to add to the message title or description.
  3. Click
  4. Optionally, in the
    Initial Message
    Ending Message
    section, click
    to see how the event will look to the assigned Accountability Officers.
  5. Click