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Upload a custom recorded message for an event or event template

Audio files are compressed to 8 bits before an alert is delivered. The quality of the recorded voice that is delivered to the end user may be different from the quality of the original audio file.
Recorded messages are supported only on Chrome and Firefox browsers.
  1. In the
    Affected Users
    section of the event or event template, click the
    Select Personal Devices
  2. In the
    Personal Devices
    section, select the check boxes next to the
    Phone - Work
    Phone - Mobile
    devices, depending on which you want to use as targeting methods.
  3. Click
  4. On the
    Personal Device Options
    screen, click the
  5. In the
    Phone Message Content
    section, select
    Send Recorded Message
  6. Click
    and navigate to the location where the custom recorded message is stored.
  7. Click the filename and then click
    . The name of the file appears in the filename field.
  8. Optionally, click
    to hear the message before attaching it to the event or event template.
  9. Optionally, make selections in the other fields on the Phone tab.
  10. Click
The recorded message is added and will be played when the event is sent.