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View accountability event details

The Details tab displays the same information that is available on the
Review and Start
screen that appears after an operator has finished creating an event.
If attachments are enabled for your organization and included in the event, they are displayed as images. Click the image of the attachment to preview the attachment. On the preview window, click
to download the attachment.
The Affected Users section on the Details tab contains a link to the Users tab, which provides event-related status information about each user. The Affected Users Summary section of the Review and Start screen displays device type and targeting information for all users. If dependents are enabled for your organization and targeted in the event, they are displayed.
User responses are tracked every 30 seconds for the first 10 minutes of each alert. For the next 50 minutes, responses are tracked every 60 seconds. After one hour and until an alert ends, responses are tracked once every five minutes.