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Report on behalf of users

You can designate Accountability Officers who can update the status of users on their behalf. If the Accountability Officer is aware of user statuses, perhaps from their supervisor or a call they made to the call center, they can update their status in the system.
When you start an accountability event, you can specify emails to be sent directly to Accountability Officers. The Accountability Officer email contains a link that takes them directly to the Users tab of the Accountability Event in the
BlackBerry AtHoc
management system. Only users who do not have a status for the event are displayed, enabling the Accountability Officer to quickly respond on behalf of those users.
While an event is live, Accountability Officers can manually report the status of a user.
  1. In the navigation bar, click
    All Events
  2. On the
    Accountability Events
    screen, click the event whose user statuses you want to update.
  3. On the
    event dashboard
    screen, click the
  4. To change the status for a single user, click The edit icon in the
    column. The Change Status window opens. The Status History section displays up to 20 previous status updates for the selected user. The Change Status window also contains a link with the selected user's name. Click this link to view additional details about the selected user.
    To update the status for multiple users, select the check boxes next to their names, and then click
    Change Status
    at the top of the screen. The
    Change Status for selected users
    screen opens.
    The Change Status button appears only while the event is live.
  5. Select a status from the
    list. The default is "No Status." If you want to clear the current status, select "No Status."
  6. Optionally, in the
    field, enter details about why you are manually updating the user status. For example, "User showed up in the office and is out of the event zone" or "User is part of a group that called in their statuses together."
  7. Click
The Users tab updates the user's details and displays the updated status in the
column and the word "Operator" in the
Updated By
column, indicating that the status was provided by an operator.