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Report on behalf of dependents

If dependents are enabled for your organization and in the accountability template, they can log in to Self Service and respond to events. If they are not able to respond, or a password has not been added to their profile so they can access Self Service, Accountability Officers and Accountability Managers can update the status of dependents from the Users tab of an accountability event.
  1. In the navigation bar, click
    All Events
  2. On the
    Accountability Events
    screen, click the event whose dependents' statuses you want to update.
  3. On the event dashboard screen, click the
  4. Click
  5. Select the
    attribute. The Users tab updates to include a column that shows the display name for each sponsor user.
  6. Optionally, click the
    column heading to group users by sponsor.
  7. To change the status for a single dependent, click The edit icon in the
    To update the status for multiple dependents, select the check boxes next to their names, and then click
    Change Status
    . The
    Change Status for selected users
    screen opens.
    The Change Status button appears only while the event is live.
  8. Select a status from the
    list. The default is "No Status." If you want to clear the current status, select
    No Status
  9. Optionally, in the
    field, enter details about why you are manually updating the dependent user's status.
  10. Click
The Users tab updates the user's details and displays the updated status in the
Sponsors can update the status of their dependents from Self Service. For more information, see "Respond to an event on behalf of your dependents" in the
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Self Service User Guide