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AtHoc Account

Only Accountability Managers, Accountability Officers, and Enterprise Administrators can access
AtHoc Account
features and functions.
AtHoc Account
can help you to create an efficient process to determine what the safety status of the personnel in your organization is in a systematic way. In a disaster, you need to quickly determine who is impacted, and who is safe.
AtHoc Account
to plan ahead before an incident
  • Review and adjust the out-of-the box "Incident Recovery" template to account for personnel during and after an emergency or a crisis situation.
  • Perform regular drills with the "Routine Accountability Exercise" template to evaluate the effectiveness of workflow processes, accuracy of data, and end-to-end experience for users.
  • Use the "Incident Mitigation/Prevention" template to ensure awareness of preventive or mitigation measures for seasonal events. For example, airborne viruses or hurricane season.
  • Use the "Incident Preparedness" template to check users' preparedness before an incident. For example, have users evacuated the area or are they sheltering in place?
  • Assign dedicated Accountability Officers who can report on behalf of other personnel during an incident.
AtHoc Account
during an incident
  • Select the "Incident Recovery" template to collect the safety status of your users.
  • Quickly narrow down a large set of personnel to only those in an affected area by targeting users by location advanced targeting.
  • Choose User Historical Status to capture any user status set by previous safety events or set manually by the user.
  • Choose Accountability Officers to delegate status collection.
  • Start the event, which starts alerting all affected users and Accountability Officers. When an event starts, reminder messages are also scheduled for users that do not reply to the first alerts.
  • As responses are received, monitor the situation in real time using the main event dashboard.
  • For users who do not respond to alerts, manually set status based on other communication channels.
  • Focus the deployment of your resources on those who need assistance.
  • Export reports and send them to management and first responders.
AtHoc Account
after an incident
  • Perform recall of key team member to restore operations with the "Restore Business Operations" template.
  • Provide detailed report and analysis of your accountability processes to ensure more efficient responses for future events.
  • Refine and adjust templates for future incidents.