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Define user messages and workflow for an accountability template or event

After selecting the personal devices you want to include in the event or template, you must define the workflow and messaging for the event.
  1. In the
    User Messages and Workflow
    section, set the duration of the event in minutes, hours, or days.
  2. Optionally, if you want to include the status of each recipient from before the event started in the event statistics (either set by previous safety events or set manually by the user), select to enable the
    User Historical Status
    option. Specify how many days, minutes, or hours before the start of the event you want to start tracking user statuses.
  3. By default, the check box for the Initial, Reminder, and Ending messages is selected. Deselect the check box next to any of the messages you do not want to send. At least one message type must be selected.
  4. Click
    beside any message to change its content. The edit screen that appears contains text-entry fields for the message title and body. To include a placeholder, click The view placeholders icon in the text-entry field and select the placeholder to add to the event title or description.
  5. For the
    Edit Reminder Message
    screen only, select a time span in the
  6. Click
    to save any changes you make to the message content.
  7. Optionally, click
    to see how the event messages will look to recipients.
  8. Click
    Review and Start
    (for accountability events) or
    (for accountability templates.)