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View live accountability events on a map

You can view live accountability events and alerts on the live or publisher map. For details, see the
BlackBerry AtHoc
Live Map
The map displays all live accountability events and alerts for your organization. If you are logged in to an enterprise organization, it also displays live events from your suborganizations. If you are an Enterprise Administrator logged in to a super enterprise organization, live events from your sub enterprises and suborganizations are displayed.
Click an event or alert on the map to open a pop-up window that displays the following information for the live event or alert:
  • Name of the event or alert
  • Type of item: accountability event or alert
  • Last updated date and time
  • GPS coordinates in Latitude, Longitude (for incoming mobile alerts only)
  • Number of affected users
  • Number and percentage of users with a status
  • Summary of user statuses by response option
In the event pop-up window, click
Open Event
to go to the Summary tab of the event in the event manager.
If there are multiple events or alerts in the same location on the map, click The forward button to scroll through the event pop-ups for each alert or event.