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Manage visibility options for Accountability Officer fields

You can manage the visibility settings for the accountability template Messages and Workflow fields.
  1. In the navigation bar, click
    Accountability Templates
  2. Double click an existing accountability template, or click
    to create a new accountability template.
  3. On the details screen for the accountability template, click
  4. On the
    Accountability Template Settings
    screen, click the
    Accountability Officers
  5. Optionally, select
    Show Accountability Officer Messages
    Show Accountability Officer Messages
    is not checked, each message section is hidden, but users can still select each message section to have it available during event creation.
  6. In the
    Visibility in Event
    section, do one of the following:
    • Select
      Show Accountability Officer section
      , and then select the check boxes next to each option you want to make available to users who are creating events from the template.
      • Select
        Show as initially collapsed
        if you want the Accountability Officer Messages section to display in its collapsed state when the template is first opened by the event creator.
      • Select
        Show as read-only and prevent accountability managers from editing
        if you the event creator to be able to see the Accountability Officer Messages section without being able to edit any fields within it.
    • Select
      Hide Accountability Officer section
      if you do not want users who are creating events from the template to be able to see the Accountability Officer Messages section.
    If a section of the template is not ready for publication, you cannot set the visibility options for that section to "Read-Only" or "Hide.".
  7. Click