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View your calendar

BlackBerry Work
offers you different views of your calendar—by the month, by the week, by the day, or in agenda list form —all with just a tap and/or a swipe.
  1. In the
    BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher
    , open
  2. Do one of the following:
    • Tap
      at the bottom of the screen to see a month at a time.
    • Tap
      to see a week. In
      , you can choose whether to display a seven-day or five-day work week.
    • Tap
      to see a day.
    • Tap
      to see a list of all appointments.
    • Swipe right or left on the dateline to scroll through days or weeks.
    • Swipe up and down to scroll the timeline in any view.
    • In
      view, tap a day to open the view to that date.
    • Tap
      to view the week's scheduled events.
    • Tap any numbered date in the weekly dateline to jump to it.
    • If you have installed
      BlackBerry Tasks
      2.1 or later and your orgainzation uses
      Microsoft Exchange Server
      2013 or later, a task count is displayed for active (blue) and completed (gray) tasks in the Agenda, Day, and Week views. Tap on a blue or gray box to open
      BlackBerry Tasks
      and display the active or completed tasks for the given day.
    • Tap The Calendar Back icon to return to the Calendar screen.