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Mark a contact as a VIP

BlackBerry Work
, VIPs are contacts that you designate for priority handling. When you have VIP Notifications turned on, you can specify sounds, have the phone vibrate or both when you receive a message from a VIP contact, even when Email Notifications are disabled. To add a contact to your VIP Contacts, use the
BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher
to quickly access Contacts.
  1. In the Contacts list, tap the contact that you want to add to your VIP contacts.
  2. Tap edit.
  3. Under VIP Contact, slide the switch to the right. The switch turns green. The star next to VIP turns blue.
  4. Slide the switch back to undo the action.
  5. To view the complete list of your VIP contacts, tap The Navigation Drawer icon on the Contacts page and tap
For information about adding custom notifications for VIP contacts, see Manage sounds and notifications