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Work with offline files and folders

Your offline files repository contains a copy of FileShare and
, or
files or folders that contain files that you want to be able to work on even when you can't connect to the Internet. Offline files are tagged with The Offline icon for easy identification. This repository can contain folders that contain files that are designated as offline by your administrator.  
  1. In the
    BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher
    , open
  2. To add files and folders to your Offline repository, in the
    BlackBerry Work
    Docs app tap The Select icon at the top of the screen and then tap the  The empty selection icon icon beside the files and folders.
    If you can't mark folders offline, the files contained in the folders might be too large for the available space on your device. Increase the offline files cache or free some device space. For instructions, see Change BlackBerry Work for iOS settings.
  3. Tap The Menu icon at the bottom of the screen and tap
    Add to Offline Files
    . Protected files cannot be added to to the Offline Files repository.
  4. To remove a file or folder from Offline, tap the file's adjacent The Menu icon and tap
    Remove from Offline
    . The copy is deleted. The latest online version of the file is unaffected.
In an open file, you can tap The Navigation Drawer icon at the top of the screen and select
Add to Offline