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Manage sounds and notifications

BlackBerry Work for iOS
relies on
Push Notification Service (APNS) to receive changes (new or updates) to your inbox, contacts, and calendar. This provides near real-time updates to the client. Both foreground and background notification processing work in the same way. Each time you open the app, your mailbox is synchronized. However, unless your organization uses the
BlackBerry Enterprise Mobility Server
), iOS users do not receive near real-time updates to their work email account.
For information about how to set notifications for Mail and Calendar in
BlackBerry Work
, see Change BlackBerry Work for iOS settings
To troubleshoot:
  1. On your device, in Settings open Notifications for
    BlackBerry Work
    and enable your preferences.
  2. Tap
    Background App Refresh
    and make sure that
    BlackBerry Work
    is allowed.
Your device updates frequently used apps more often. Allow up to a day of normal use on
BlackBerry Work
for your device to determine the update interval.