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Create an email

You can specify the font and color of your message text in the Use Custom Fonts screen in the app settings in the
BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher
  1. In your inbox or any folder, tap The Compose icon .
  2. In the
    field, enter your intended recipients separated by commas.
    As you type,
    BlackBerry Work
    suggests recipients from your saved contacts and your organization's global address list. If the recipient is not a member of your contacts or in an external organization, you can double tap their email address to add them to your contacts. Note that your Outlook personal distribution lists can also be supported. When you compose a new email, you can remove one or more of the suggested recipients by tapping the The Remove icon next to them. You can also drag and drop recipients from the To, CC, and BCC fields.
  3. Optionally, tap in the
    Cc/Bcc, From
    field to expand it and tap
    , to copy additional recipients.
  4. In the
    field, tap the down arrow to select which email address or email alias to send the email message from.
  5. Tap in the
    field to enter a subject.
  6. Tap The menu icon to attach a file, add a link, set the message as a high or low priority, or add meeting information to the message.
  7. If your administrator has enabled the Restrictions option (the Permissions option in Outlook), choose any desired restriction.
  8. If your administrator has configured email classifications, click
    and select the classifications to add to the reply. These options are defined by your administrator. You can change the default classifications in Settings/Email, but if your administrator has already set default classifications, they will take precedence. For more information about how to use classifications in your organization, contact your administrator.
  9. Tap in the body of the email form and compose or edit your message:
    • To select a word or all the text, press and hold the word then tap
      Select All
      . You can expand or narrow your selection by dragging the left or right handles of the selection.
    • To
      , or format text, or to
      your selection, select the text and tap the appropriate item in the toolbar item after selecting the text that you want to edit.
    • To
      a cut or copied selection, press and hold the location where you want to paste the text in the message body.
    • To minimize the compose window, swipe down on the draft email. You can tap the minimized window to maximize it and continue to work on the draft email.
    • To add formatting to the email message, choose one of the options such as bold, underline, or italics.
  10. When your message is complete, do one of the following:
    • To send the message, tap the Send icon.
    • To send the message later, tap
      Save Draft
    • To delete the message, tap
      Delete Draft