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About pending uploads

Pending uploads are files that you have created or changed offline or checked out from a FileShare,
repository to edit. The list is maintained to remind you to upload them to the corresponding repository when you come back online.
Your administrator sets the time limit on pending uploads before they are automatically uploaded and cleared from the list the next time you connect to the Internet. Contact your administrator to find out what the duration is. If the files are uploading when the connection to the network is lost, the upload resumes when the connection is restored. If your administrator doesn't set a time limit and the file upload is manually paused when the network connection is lost, you must manually continue the file upload after the connection is restored.
2.12 or later is required for uploads to resume. If uploads restart instead of resume, contact your administrator to confirm the version of BEMS being used with your account.
Remember that no one else will see your revisions and feedback until you upload the revised file to the shared repository.