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Manage email folder synchronization

You set the email synchronization interval in the
BlackBerry Work
settings. By default, the synchronization setting applies only to your inbox. However, you can also choose to automatically synchronize your email folders. Otherwise, folders are synchronized when you open the app.
The number of folders that you set for automatic synchronization will affect battery life and data usage on your device. You can turn off automatic synchronization for some folders to improve battery life or lower data usage. For information about configuring synchronization settings, see Change BlackBerry Work for iOS settings.
To be able to synchronize your Drafts folder, your mailbox must be hosted on Office 365 or Microsoft Exchange 2016. If you do not have the option to synchronize your Drafts folder, contact your administrator to confirm your mailbox settings.
  1. In your
    BlackBerry Work
    email inbox, tap .
  2. Tap
    at the top of the screen.
  3. Tap
    Manage Synced Folders
  4. Tap a folder to select or deselect it.
  5. Tap