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Forward an email

  1. Within an email that you are reading, in the toolbar at the bottom of the screen, tap The Reply icon >
    . The unaddressed compose form opens with the original discussion thread appended.
  2. Enter your intended recipients, separated by commas.
  3. Tap The Menu icon to attach a file, add a link, set the message as a high or low priority, or add meeting information to the message.
  4. If your administrator has enabled the Restrictions option (the Permissions option in Outlook), choose any desired restriction.
  5. If your administrator has configured email classifications, click
    and select the classifications to add to the reply. These options are defined by your administrator. For more information about how to use classifications in your organization, contact your administrator.
  6. Compose any message to accompany the forwarded email.
  7. When you have composed your message, perform one of the following actions:
    • To send the message, tap the Send icon.
    • To delete the message, tap
      Delete Draft
    • To send the message later, tap
      Save Draft