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Add a shared calendar

You can add up to ten shared calendars on your device. You can view the added calendars and the details of calendar events. If you are assigned the Editor role, you can respond to invitations on the calendar for Exchange 2013, Exchange 2016 or later, and Office 365, but not for Exchange 2010; tap on a grayed-out calendar entry to accept/tentative/decline (not supported between Exchange versions). You will receive email invites for shared calendars, but you cannot accept/tentative/decline them in email. You can add/edit/delete calendar events. If you are assigned the Reviewer role, you can view shared calendars but not change them.
To add a shared calendar:
  1. In the
    BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher
    , tap The Settings icon.
  2. On the Settings page, tap The Calendar Settings icon .
  3. Tap
    Shared Calendars
  4. Tap The Add icon.
  5. In the
    Shared Calendars
    window, enter email addresses to display available calendars. You can only add calendars from the same
    Microsoft Exchange Server
  6. To display a shared calendar, in the
    Work Calendar
    view, tap The Navigation Drawer icon. The shared calendars you have chosen are listed on the page that is displayed. Tap the check box beside the calendars you want to display.