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Contact event attendees

With a calendar event record open, you can contact the organizer and attendees without having to look up their contact information. Tap a name and you can access the individual's information in Contacts, with options for phoning, sending a text message, or emailing to them directly. Also, in Calendar, you can quickly send a note to the meeting organizer about your status.
To view contact information for the organizer, tap the name.
Tap the Required field to expand the list of attendees, then tap a name to see their information in Contacts.
  1. Open a Calendar event.
  2. Tap The Menu icon at the top right of the screen.
  3. Select from the options listed by tapping one:
    • Tap
      I'm running late!
      to send a note to the meeting organizer. You can select one of the preset messages or tap
      Write own response...
      to compose a more specific note.
    • Tap
      Forward Event
      to send the original invitation to others.
    • Tap
      Email Attendees
      to send an email to all attendees.
    • Tap
      Edit event
      to change any of the event's attributes.
    • Tap
      Delete Event
      to remove the event from your calendar.