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Add an event

  1. Tap the Calendar icon in the
    BlackBerry Dynamics Launcher
    to open the Calendar app.
  2. Tap The Add icon. The
    New Event
    form opens.
  3. Do any of the following. Numbers entered in fields will be displayed as links. You can add phone numbers to any field (for example, in the Subject, Location, and Notes fields).
    • Tap
      to enter a subject for the event.
    • Tap
      Add Participants
      and specify attendees, Do any of the following:
      • Tap
        field and begin typing a name. Select an attendee from the available matches.
      • Tap
        and begin typing a name. Select an attendee from the available matches.
      • Tap
        to add resources (for example, meeting rooms).
      You can remove one or more suggested participants cached based on the Sent Items folder.
    • Tap
      and specify a date. Tap
      again to set the start date selected. If you schedule an event, your availability is shown under
    • Tap
      to specify an end date. Tap
      again to set the end date selected. Specify your time zone.
    • Tap
      View Schedules
      to drag the event to different times in the
      BlackBerry Work
      calendar and find the best time for added participants. The availability of participants is indicated by changes to the color of their avatar. Time zone information for the invitees also displays.
      If a user makes an update to their time zone information in Microsoft Outlook for Mac, BlackBerry Work does not detect the change and the incorrect time zone might display for that user in calendar events.
    • In the
      Suggested Time
      area, you can tap a time for your meeting.
    • If applicable, turn on the
      All Day
    • Tap
      and then tap one of the available intervals (the default value is
    • Turn on
      Add Conference details
      to quickly add the default conference details to the meeting invitation. For information about setting up the conference details, see Change BlackBerry Work for iOS settings.
    • Turn on
      Create Teams Meeting
      to host the event on
      Microsoft Teams
      The Add Conference details and Create Teams Meeting options cannot be enabled at the same time. When one is turned on, the other will be turned off.
    • Tap
      to specify which calendar to add the event to.
    • Tap
      to specify where the event will be held. You can enter a call-in phone number and passcode here. A setting available in Calendar settings under Passcode causes any phone number in this field to be displayed as the default. (Numbers in all fields are otherwise displayed as the default.)
    • Tap
      to set a meeting reminder. From the list that is displayed, check when you want the reminder to be sent.
    • Tap
      Show As
      to set your Presence while you are attending the event.
    • Turn on
      to restrict attendance to only invitees.
    • Turn on
      Allow New Time Proposa
      l to allow meeting invitees to propose a new time for the meeting. Note that your administrator must enable this feature before you can use it.
    • Tap
      Add Attachments
      to add an attachment. You can take a picture or video to add, or add an existing file from the photo library or from Docs.
    • Tap
      to add classifications, such as Internal or Confidential, to the event.
    • Tap
      to add a caveat, such as Do not forward or Do not reply, to the event.
    • Tap the
      field to provide additional information or to add inline attachments.
  4. Tap
The event is added to your calendar and the invitations are sent to the invitees. When an invitee accepts an invitation, the icon for that invitee turns green in the Participants section.