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Add a shared mailbox to
BlackBerry Work

Before you can add a mailbox that has been shared with you to
BlackBerry Work
, the person that wants to assign you as their delegate, must complete the following tasks:
Alternatively, your
Microsoft Exchange
administrator can also grant you access to the
BlackBerry Work
user's mailbox or a shared mailbox using the Exchange Control Panel (ECP) or Exchange Admin Console (EAC) or Exchange Management Shell. For more information on using the ECP or EAC, see and
The amount of control that you have over the shared mailbox depends on the permissions that are granted. The following are the permission levels:
  • Reviewer: You can read items in your folders.
  • Author: You can read and create items, and change and delete items that the mailbox owner creates. For example, as a delegate, you can create task requests and meeting requests directly in your Task or Calendar folder and then send the item on behalf of the mailbox owner.
  • Editor: You can do everything that an Author has permission to do and additionally can change and delete the items that you created.
After you add the shared mailbox, two weeks of email messages are synchronized to
BlackBerry Work
from the mailbox.
  1. Tap the launcher icon > The Settings icon.
  2. Tap
  3. In the
    section, tap
    Shared Mailboxes
  4. Tap The Add icon.
  5. In the
    Mail Account Information
    field, type the email address of the owner of the shared mailbox that you want to add.
  6. When
    BlackBerry Work
    locates the account in the GAL, tap the account to add it.
  7. Tap