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Protect files and attachments

You can protect unprotected email and calendar attachments,
Microsoft Office
files that you saved in your Local Docs folder, and
Microsoft Office
files that you are previewing to a server location. You can protect multiple files in a secure enterprise File Share and from enterprise
, and CMIS repository sites. Protecting multiple files in zipped files and in your Local Docs folder is not supported. Protected files are displayed with the protected file icon for easy identification below the file. If you do not see an option to protect the file or attachment, your administrator has not enabled this feature for you. 
  1. Complete one of the following tasks:
    Protect an attachment received in an email message or calendar event
    1. In a received email message or calendar event, tap the The attachment icon.
    2. Tap a file to open it in preview mode.
    3. Tap The Menu icon >
      Save As Protected
    Protect a saved
    Microsoft Office
    1. Open
      BlackBerry Work
      and navigate to the file or files that you want to protect.
    2. Complete one of the following
      • To protect a single file, tap the file to preview it.
      • To protect multiple files, tap the  The Select icon and then tap The empty selection icon next to your choices.
    3. Tap The Menu icon >
      .  Protected files cannot be set to offline.
  2. Select a protection option.
  3. Tap
  4. Navigate to a folder on the server to save the file. Protected files cannot be saved to the Local Docs folder on your device.