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View your Docs

  1. Tap The Launcher icon > The Docs icon. Docs opens in the area last visited.
  2. To access your different Docs sources, tap The Navigation Drawer icon.
  3. Tap a source to access its current contents. Current source options can include the following:
    • Local Docs
      : Files stored in your device's secure container
    • Pick from Gallery
      : Photos and images from the native Gallery on your device
    • Take a picture
      : A picture taken with your device camera and stored locally
    • File Share
      : Files in a secure enterprise file share to which you have been granted access
    • SharePoint/BOX/other repositories
      : Files available from enterprise SharePoint, Box, or other document repository sites to which you have been granted access
    • Recent Locations
      : Files and folders that you have used recently
    • Offline
      : Files and folders from a shared folder that you added to this folder to work on offline. Folders that your administrator has designated for offline access. If you have appropriate permissions, you can edit the files designated as offline by your administrator. Protected files cannot be marked offline.
    • Bookmarks
      : Files that you bookmarked
    • Pending Uploads
      : Files you imported and/or worked on offline that are waiting to be uploaded to a File Share or