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Product documentation

The following
BlackBerry UEM
content should be useful to you when managing
BlackBerry UEM
in a dark site environment.
If your dark site security requirements prevent you from accessing the
BlackBerry UEM
documentation from within the management console, you can download PDF versions of the documentation from a location with full internet access or ask your
Support representative to send them to you.
  • Descriptions of fixed issues
  • Descriptions of known issues and potential workarounds
  • What's new
  • System requirements
  • Installation instructions
  • Upgrade instructions
  • Instructions for how to configure server components before you start administering users and their devices
  • Instructions for migrating data from an existing
    BlackBerry UEM
  • Basic and advanced administration for all supported device types
  • Instructions for creating user accounts, groups, roles, and administrator accounts
  • Instructions for activating devices
  • Instructions for creating and assigning IT policies and profiles
  • Instructions for managing apps on devices
  • Descriptions of profile settings
  • Descriptions of IT policy rules for
    , and
  • List of supported operating systems, database servers, and browsers for the
    BlackBerry UEM
  • List of supported device operating systems