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Create an activation email template

  1. On the menu bar, click
    General settings
  2. Click
    Email templates
  3. Click The Add icon. Select
    Device activation
  4. In the
    field, type a name to identify this template.
  5. In the
    field, edit the text to customize the subject line of the first activation email.
  6. In the
    field, type the body text of the activation email.
    • Use the HTML editor to select the font format and to insert images (for example, a corporate logo).
    • Insert variables in the text to personalize the message (for example, you can use the variable %UserDisplayName% to insert the recipient's name). For a list of available variables, see the
      BlackBerry UEM
      Administration content
    • For
      Samsung Knox
      devices, include the
      BlackBerry UEM
      server address that users need to activate the device.
      Samsung Knox
      devices, the URL is: http://
    • To see sample text, click
      Suggested text
  7. To send the activation password separately from the activation instructions, select
    Send two separate activation emails - first for complete instructions, second for password
    . If you decide to send only one activation email, make sure that you include the activation password or the activation password variable in the first email.
  8. In the
    field, type a subject line for the second activation email.
  9. Customize the body text of the second activation email that you send to users. Make sure that you include the activation password or the activation password variable.
  10. Click