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Preparing users to activate devices

To prepare to allow users to activate devices, you should create an activation profile, modify the activation email template, and set an activation password for the user.
An activation profile specifies how many and what types of devices a user can activate and the type of activation to use for each device type. The assigned activation profile applies only to devices the user activates after you assign the profile. Devices that are already activated aren't automatically updated to match the new or updated activation profile.
When you add a user to
BlackBerry UEM
, the Default activation profile is assigned to the user account. The Default activation profile allows activation options that aren't supported in a dark site environment. You can change the Default activation profile to suit your requirements, or you can create a custom activation profile and assign it to users or user groups.
The activation email template defines the email message sent to users instructing them to activate their device.
After the activation profile and email template are completed you can set an activation password for the user and send an activation email message to allow them to complete the activation.