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Setting activation options for
Android Enterprise

For devices that will be activated with the
Android Enterprise
Work space only
) or (
Work and personal - full control
) activation types, the device must be set to factory default settings before starting the activation. You can set activation options to install the
BlackBerry UEM Client
from a server on your network during activation. To provide the download location to the device, you can include the location in a
QR Code
that the user scans to start activation.
You must also create a PAC file that prevents devices from attempting to connect to
Google Play
during activation and store the PAC file in the same location as the
UEM Client
.apk file.
Download the
UEM Client
and save it to a network location that devices have access to. For more information, visit to read article 42607.
  1. Create a PAC file in the following format that specifies the HTTP URL where the PAC file is hosted and save it to the same location as the
    UEM Client
    .apk file.
    function FindProxyForURL(url, host) { return "DIRECT"; }
    Users will need to specify the
    PAC web address
    when they set up the
    connection on their device during activation. The PAC file must be available at the default HTTP port 80.
  2. On the menu bar, click
    Settings > General settings
  3. Click
    Activation defaults
  4. Under
    Device activation defaults
    set the following 
    QR Code
    1. Select
      Allow QR codes for device activation
    2. Select
      Allow QR code to contain location of UEM Client app source file
    3. In the
      Location of UEM Client app source file
      field, specify the network location where you saved the .apk file.
  5. Verify that the following options are not selected:
    • Enable MDM controls activation type for Android devices
    • Use QR codes to unlock BlackBerry Dynamics apps
    • Turn on registration with the BlackBerry Infrastructure
  6. Click