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Samsung Knox

For details about managing
Samsung Knox
devices and device users, see the
BlackBerry UEM
Administration content
You should keep the following considerations in mind when managing
Samsung Knox
devices in a dark site environment.
Dark site considerations
Connecting to your organization's resources
In a dark site environment, after activation,
Samsung Knox
devices can connect to
BlackBerry UEM
and your resources over a VPN connection. For more information see "Set up VPN using Knox StrongSwan".
App management
BlackBerry UEM
for dark sites doesn't support connections to
Google Play
. You can't add public apps to the app list for devices.
Email and organizer data
The default email app on
Samsung Knox
devices needs to connect to the
infrastructure before it will send and receive data. You can choose to allow this connection or use a different email app on
Samsung Knox
Device notifications
Sending notifications to
Samsung Knox
devices using GCM isn't supported in a dark site environment. The
BlackBerry UEM Client
will poll
BlackBerry UEM
for updates at regular intervals.