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Create a tenant

  1. In the
    Multi-Tenant Console
    , click
    Add New tenant
  2. In the
    Tenant name
    field, type the name for the tenant.
  3. Optionally, in the
    Unique admin email
    field, type the email address of the tenant user.
  4. Optionally, in the
    Custom Domain
     field, type a custom domain name to make it easier for your users to access the tenant.
  5. In the
    Tenant Address
    section, specify the tenant's address information.
  6. In the
    Tenant Features
    section, choose the features or services that you want to turn on for the tenant.
  7. In the
    Enter Licensing Details
    section, specify the total number of licenses granted for each service. 
    license count is required when you add licenses to a tenant. By default, only
    is enabled for the tenant. To turn on additional services such as
    , and
    , in the
    Tenant Services
    section, turn on the desired services. If a service cannot be successfully enabled in a tenant, an error icon displays under the service.
  8. If you want to turn on additional
    services, under
    Tenant Services
    , turn on
    Optics v2
    . Choose the features that you want to turn on.
  9. Click
    Save & Finish
Tenant creation is an asynchronous process that prevents you from making edits to the tenant until the process is complete.
  • To view a list of your customers' tenants, click the
    Active Tenants
  • To edit a tenant, on the
    Active Tenants
    tab, click the tenant that you want to edit. Click The Edit icon beside the section that you want to edit. To save your changes, click A checkmark icon.