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Managing device policies

A device policy defines how the
agent handles malware it detects on a user’s device. A device policy is also used to enable and configure other services, including
CylancePERSONA Desktop
. Every device must be assigned a device policy. If you do not assign a custom policy to a device, the device is assigned the default policy.
The device policy templates allow you to configure and customize policy settings, apply them to new and existing tenants, and manage device policy assignments for all tenants directly from the
Multi-Tenant Console
Policy template actions are recorded in the console audit log, which includes the user who performed the action and the time of the action.
Policy template role permissions allow you to grant console users access to the policy template. Enabling a policy template permission does not automatically enable any dependencies. For example, if you enable the read policy template details permission, you must also enable the view policy template list permission. For more information, see Create and customize partner roles.
Note that there is no automated synchronization between the device policy template and the tenant policies. If you update the template, you will have to re-apply the template to a tenant.
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