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Signing in with single account experience

The single account experience for the
Multi-Tenant Console
allows partner users to sign into multiple partner accounts in a given region using the same email address. A partner user needs to have their email address added in each of their desired partners by a partner administrator. To add a partner user's email address, follow the steps in Create a partner user. An invitation email will be sent to the partner user with a registration link that must be clicked on to complete the registration. Once registration is complete, the partner user can sign in to the partner account using a short name.
A short name is a globally unique name for a partner that is set to a system-generated GUID by default. The short name of a partner can be edited by an administrator and is included in the invitation email. On the sign-in screen, a partner user can enter the short name of the partner account they want to sign in to. The short name field is optional; however, if a partner user has completed registration in multiple partners, a short name will be required to sign in.
If a partner user is registered with multiple partners, they can use the same MTC and one-time passwords for all partners when signing in. The use of MTC passwords, including one-time passwords, and external identity providers when signing in will depend on the configuration of the individual partner account.
Users were previously able to use external identity providers to sign in without clicking on the registration link in the invitation email. However, to improve the security of the sign in process, users must now click on the registration link in the invitation email to complete registration in each partner.
The single account experience is available in all regions except Gov Cloud.