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Migrate from Enterprise ID management to BlackBerry UEM management

If your organization currently manages
BBM Enterprise
Enterprise Identity
and is moving
BBM Enterprise
management to BlackBerry UEM, you must migrate your device to BlackBerry UEM.
BlackBerry UEM does not manage
BBM Enterprise
BlackBerry 10
devices. If
BBM Enterprise
is active on your
BlackBerry 10
device, do not activate any of your other devices using BlackBerry UEM.
  • After you migrate, this device will become your primary device.
  • BBM Enterprise
    will not be available during the move.
  • After you move your
    BBM Enterprise
    account to UEM, the move cannot be undone.
  • If you have
    BBM Enterprise
    on more than one device, you need to move your account on only one device. After the move, you must register the other devices with
    BBM Enterprise
  • Make sure you have an account in your organization’s BlackBerry UEM environment and that you know your login credentials.
  • Your device should have a good connection.
  1. Sign in to
    BBM Enterprise
    using your
    BlackBerry ID
  2. Under
    My Profile
    , tap
  3. Tap
    Move account to UEM
  4. Tap
    Move account now
  5. Tap
    if you see the warning “This device is not your primary device. Do you want to set this device as your primary device and continue?”
  6. After your account is moved to BlackBerry UEM, continue to use
    BBM Enterprise
    as usual. Log in using your BlackBerry UEM credentials.